SunSetter® Awnings

Customize Your Shade

With the wide selection of colors and fabrics from Eastern Construction, you can have a completely customized awning installed over your patio or porch, enabling you to spend time outdoors in the comfort of the shade. SunSetter® Awnings are renowned for their durability and ability to withstand extreme climates. Awnings can also be custom built to shade windows and doors to coordinate with your patio awning and add character and life to the face of your home.

The benefits of an awning include:

  • Reliable UV protection
  • Year round enjoyment of your patio
  • Often helps cut heating and cooling costs, as it regulates the amount of sun that gets in through your windows
  • Simple, safe operation with the push of a button

Motorized Extension for Optimal Ease

With our optional motorized awnings, extension can be a breeze. We make it easy for you to recline in comfort through our “lateral arm” style awnings. Find out how these work by calling our team at (800) 750-3044.