Heated Roof Systems

Protect Your Home & Family

At Eastern Construction, we provide roofing safety measures to help secure your home during the winter months. As snow builds up on your roof, you run the risk of roof collapse, as well as ice dams and dangerous snow piles that can fall from roof to ground, crushing everything underneath. To prevent these catastrophes, we offer heated roof systems to melt the snow and ice from your roof and prevent any potential disasters.

With these roof systems, you can expect:

  • Energy efficient heating
  • Temperature moisture sensors
  • A variety of sizes to suit your roofing needs
  • A variety of wattage options depending on your requirements
  • Precision fit of each panel for maximum safety

Know the Signs of an Ice Dam

Ice dams may be accumulating on your roof without your knowledge. Keep an eye out for excessive icicles, loose gutters, and extreme fluctuations between hot and cold temperatures. To have your roof evaluated, give us a call at (800) 750-3044.